Ready For a Change? Of Flooring?

Wow! The hustle & bustle of the holidays is finally over…. Time to relax a little…so we sit back, put our feet up… Then BAM! We look around the room & decide we don’t like the colors anymore, the furniture is worn out & the carpet & flooring looks beat!

The first thing you ask yourself is, “How much is this gonna cost me?” Well I don’t know about furniture but you would be AMAZED at how affordable NICE carpet & flooring can be…

Especially here at Atco Carpet & Flooring! 

All of our carpet prices INCLUDE the best pad & installation! We discount everything and our installations are done perfectly & in a timely manner!

Need flooring? Many products don’t even need costly prep to install! Just go right over top of your existing surface! Affordably. Beautifully.

Times have changed in the flooring industry & we have just what you need!! At a price you can live with. Done right! Since 1985!

So give us a call, ask for Leslie 856 768 8022, and we can discuss your particular job & come up with some great ideas & prices. Also go to for more info.