Getting new carpet and flooring does not have to be a scary drawn out process. Don’t be intimidated by the ENDLESS products on the Market today, that’s a GOOD thing! More options, better products, and price points suited to YOUR budget! You’ll... is not just a web address! is a lifetime of hard work, dedication to our many Happy Customers, and continued enthusiasm for the innovative, beautiful products that continue to amaze! And of course, the success of the installation is KEY to a lasting home renovation. (And it also...
Ready For a Change? Of Flooring?

Ready For a Change? Of Flooring?

Wow! The hustle & bustle of the holidays is finally over…. Time to relax a little…so we sit back, put our feet up… Then BAM! We look around the room & decide we don’t like the colors anymore, the furniture is worn out & the carpet...

The New

Hello all! We are proud to launch our new website at Please check back for more updates of floor covering information, and general knowledge of all things carpet and flooring!